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The Atlantic

"The End of Brawn"

11th August 2016

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"Remote Working Shift Offers Silver Lining for Finance Gender Gap"

23rd November 2020

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City AM

"94% of men and 93% of women working in financial services state their job can be done via flexible working"

24th November 2020

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"Here’s new evidence minimum-wage hikes result in workers being replaced by robots"

17th August 2017

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The Daily mail

"Rise of feminism has only made men MORE ambitious as they are driven to compete for top jobs and salaries against women, study says"

30th October 2018

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FE Weekly

"Revealed: Six members appointed to DfE’s skills and productivity board"

13th November 2020

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"McDonald's Says Goodbye Cashiers, Hello Kiosks"

11th July 2018

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Global Trade Review

"GTR Women in Trade Finance: Rewarding different traits in the workplace"!

28th November 2018

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The Guardian

"Racism on the rise in Britain"

27th May 2014

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The Independent

"This country is no longer safe for immigrants"

25th June 2016

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The Independent

"Brisk walking a better method for losing weight than going to the gym, study claims"

4th November 2015

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The Independent

"Black women least likely to be ‘among top earners in Britain’"

4th March 2021

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"My daily walk has kept me slim and fit for 15 years"

9th November 2015

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New York Times

"Why Do We Pay So Many People So Little Money?"

24th June 2020

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People Management

"Minimum wage rises cause only ‘modest’ job losses, says report"

1st February 2019

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"Understanding the psychology of abstract money"

14th March 2019

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S&P Global

"Remote working could amplify exclusive behaviors, 'bro culture' in finance"

16th June 2020

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The Times

"Brisk walking is best exercise of all, study finds"

3rd November 2015

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"Our obsession with unconscious bias created a diversity disaster"

11th November 2020

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World Finance 

"Will the continued rise of automation cause widespread job losses?"

16th August 2018

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Yahoo! Finance 

"Black women in UK least likely to be among top earners"

3rd March 2021

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