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Grace is a regular keynote and panel speaker at corporate events. To inquire about having Grace speak at your event, please get in touch.

An outstanding motivational speaker, Grace has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations in delivering memorable keynote addresses, fireside chats and discussion panels.


Grace’s topics cover:

How to get teams working more productively together | How to ‘Think Big’ | 

A toolkit for inclusive leadership | The future of work and skills | How to make better decisions | Behavioural science for business | Resilience at work

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The Tools of Success - Dave Evans & Dr Grace Lordan | Intelligence Squared

How to Future Proof Your Career | LSE Festival Skills Online Event

The Power of Regret, with Daniel Pink | LS Event

Inclusion in Global Markets | LSE Online Event

How to Build the Future You Want | Think Big by Dr Grace Lordan

Screenshot 2023-12-12 171050.png

How To Build Your Career with Goal Setting & Through Beating Procrastination - Dr Grace Lordan

Women Are Held to Higher Standards Across Financial Services, Says LSE's Lordan | Bloomberg Markets: European Open | Bloomberg Equality  

Why are people quitting their jobs in record numbers? | Counting the Cost

I quit! How the pandemic changed work forever | Business Beyond

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