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Grace is a regular keynote and panel speaker at corporate events. To inquire about having Grace speak at your event, please get in touch with Jonathan Philips at Fane: email

An outstanding motivational speaker, Grace has worked with some of the world’s leading organisations in delivering memorable keynote addresses, fireside chats and discussion panels.


Grace’s topics cover:

How to get teams working more productively together | How to ‘Think Big’ | 

A toolkit for inclusive leadership | The future of work and skills | How to make better decisions | Behavioural science for business | Resilience at work

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The Tools of Success - Dave Evans & Dr Grace Lordan | Intelligence Squared

How to Future Proof Your Career | LSE Festival Skills Online Event

The Power of Regret, with Daniel Pink | LS Event

Inclusion in Global Markets | LSE Online Event

How to Build the Future You Want | Think Big by Dr Grace Lordan

Screenshot 2023-12-12 171050.png

How To Build Your Career with Goal Setting & Through Beating Procrastination - Dr Grace Lordan

Women Are Held to Higher Standards Across Financial Services, Says LSE's Lordan | Bloomberg Markets: European Open | Bloomberg Equality  

Why are people quitting their jobs in record numbers? | Counting the Cost

I quit! How the pandemic changed work forever | Business Beyond

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