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Video and Podcast Library

AI disruption in the job market: navigating future skills and relevance | LSE Event (8th November 2023)

The women who made modern economics | LSE Event (6th November 2023)

Could big money reshape the football industry? | Aljazeera (19th August 2023)

Grace appears around 11.50 into the film.

The Opportunity Index | LSE Event (27th June 2023)

The Power of "Good Enough" | LSE Festival (14th June 2023)

Can the ‘back-to-work’ budget boost economic growth in the UK?| Aljazeera (18th March 2023)

The Future of Work - Interview with Dr. Grace Lordan| Collins McNicholas Recruitment and Services (15th March 2023)

The Productivity Puzzle: can diversity and inclusion unlock the key to growth? | LSE Event (March 2023)

How at risk is my money? | Yahoo! (December 2022)

OPINION - The Leader podcast: How to get pay rise in 2023

How at risk is my money?| Evening Standard, The leader (December 2022)

How to get pay rise in 2023| Evening Standard, The leader (December 2022)

In Conversation With Grace Lordan | Future of Work Hubs (7th September 2022)

Energy Management - Mind & Body | Psychological Fitness: What it Takes (October 2022)

Stuck in the middle: How to go from manager to leader| FT Live (16th June 2023)

Energy Management: Mind and Body | Psychological Fitness| Spotify Podcast

The Power of Regret, with Daniel Pink | LSE Event (21st September 2022)

How 'at risk' is my money? | The Leader| Podfollow (11th October 2022)

In Conversation With Grace Lordan | Future of Work Hub (September 2022)

How to Future Proof Your Career | LSE Festival Skills Online Event (16th June 2022)

Measuring the 'S' in ESG | LSE Online Event (10th June 2022)


Inclusion of Global Talent | LSE Online Event (31st May 2022)


Think Big For Career Success | Dr Grace Lordan | Kickoff Sessions Podcast #91 (4th May 2022)


Tech for D&Iversity (31st March) See Grace around minute 60.

Why are people quitting their jobs in record numbers? | Counting the Cost (15th January 2022)

I quit! How the pandemic changed work forever | Business Beyond (21st December 2021)

Future Work/Life | Grace Lordan - Thinking Big About Your Career

The Right Work|S2 Ep 5. How behavioural science can help you find the right work with Dr Grace Lordan (15th January 2022)

LSE Player | Has COVID killed the office? (11th January 2022)

The Coming Work-Life Balance | Citrix - Remote Works: Hybrid Survival Guide S4/Ep7 (15th December 2021)

Increasing Access To Work | The New Everyday with Eileen Burbage | Virgin Media Business.

Think Big | LSE Online Event (29th March 2021)

Inclusion in Global Markets| LSE Online Event (27th November 2021)

How to Build Your Career with Goal Setting & Through Beating Procrastination | Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal (1st November 2021)

The pandemic brings more robots | The Real Story, BBC News World Service (10th July 2021)

Large UK banks, insurance firms pay women far less than men | Money Talks (6th October 2021)

ASW Webinar: Think Big with Dr Grace Lordan (3rd September 2021)

The UK & Ireland Recruitment Conference 2021 - (Grace is featured from 1 hour and 5 minutes.)

Celebrating Pride: the behavioural science behind the inclusive social movement | LSE Online Event (10th September)


TRANSPARENT: Creating Organisations Inclusive of Black Women (11th October 2021)

Authority Gap | LSE Online Event (16th September)

The GOOD FINANCE Framework | Dr Grace Lordan (29th June 2021)

The GOOD FINANCE Framework | Creating Inclusive Organisations in Financial and Professional Services (17th June 2021)

Working hard, hardly working | The Science Behind Career Success with Dr Grace Lordan (2021)

Changing Habits & Reaching Goal‪s | Delicious Ways to Feel Better (2020)

BONUS: How to build your resilience muscle | The ASAP Club | Spotify (9th April 2021)

Episode 30: Interview: Grace Lordan - Thinking Big for Career Success | Squanderlust (15th June 2021)

How to Get the Life and Career You Want - LSE behavioural scientist Grace Lordan | How To Academy (7th April 2021)

A Decade of Behavioural Science at LSE - Part 2 (2021)

#48 - Dr Grace Lordan: Think Big | The Wicked Podcast (1st June 2021)

Dr Grace Lordan on Thinking Big - How Behavioural Science can Help us Plan for the Future| Human Risk Podcast (29th March 2021)

Can You Achieve The Goals that Matter Most To You?| Podcast with Dr Grace Lordan, Michelle McQuaid (2021)


Think Big| LSE Online Event (29th March 2021)

Taking Small Steps to Achieve Big Goals - Dr Grace Lordan | Reframe & Reset your Career (23rd March 2021)

#IndInvConf | Disrupting Decision Making | Dr Grace Lordan | CFA Society India (9th May 2021)

Think Big - Build The Future You Want: Interview with Dr Grace Lordan | Book Talk Today (18th April 2021)

Episode 154 Think Big with Grace Lordan | Calmer You (31st May 2021)

Winning in Life by Thinking Big with Dr. Grace Lordan | Beyond Busy with Graham Allcott (12th March 2021)

Creating Inclusive organisations in Financial and Professional Services  | The GOOD FINANCE Framework (17th June 2021)

Behavioural Science and a Post-COVID World | LSE Online Event (7th November 2020)

CIVICA Podcast "Over to Europe" #2| Diversity and inclusion in Europe (5th February 2021)


Listen Notes Podcast|Dr Grace Lordan on Inclusion (5th June 2020)

A Decade of Behavioural Science at LSE | LSE Online Event (21st Jan 2021)

The Value of Inclusion for a Post-COVID-19 World | LSE Online Event (26th November 2020)

WIBF opens London’s markets on 26th November to share Part 1: Changing the Narrative findings (29th November 2020)

Risk Landscape: Review 2020 & Preview 2021(23rd November 2020)

How Can Policy Makers Use Behavioural Science? | LSE Festival Online Event (3rd March 2021)


MSc Behavioural Science (4th September 2019)


Building Resilience Within Work through Behavioural Science (2020)


Promoting Healthy Minds in Schools (27th November 2018)


Lordan, Grace, Banet-Weiser, Sarah and Orgad, Shani (2020)

LSE IQ: Is gender equality possible? London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Lordan, Grace (2020)

The human risk podcast: Grace Lordan on inclusion. Human Risk Limited.


Lordan, Grace, Dolan, Paul, Black, Julia , Delaney, Liam, Hahn, Ulrike and Chater, Nick (2020)

Behavioural science in the context of great uncertainty.

London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Lordan, Grace, Nesbitt, Richard and Streets, Julia (2020)

Divercity podcast: building resilience within work through behavioural science. Divercity.

Lordan, Grace, Robinson, Karina, Nesbitt, Richard, Trenowden, Brenda, Ahmad, Irshaad and Parker, Janet (2020)

Using behavioral science for inclusion in the City.

London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

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