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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Happy March to you all! This month I am one year older. It is also the month where I had my first emergency surgery ever (explaining the delay getting this to your inbox). I am recovering very well thankfully! And as a result, I am practicing gratitude more regularly. On this: I am very grateful for you, my founding subscriber!

As always, I hope to earn the privilege of your time with this newsletter, so please send feedback on the content you would like to see more of, and also the things that you find too dull.



Think Big was one year old on the 25th March. The same date as my birthday!

This month has been quieter with respect to outputs – simply because of my surgery, but I can confirm that I will be Thinking Big in the LSE festival in June (more information soon), have devoted week 8 of my new virtual LSE course to Think Big related topics (register here) and will be presenting a keynote LIVE (but you can join virtual) at TECH FOR D&IVERSITY (register free here).



I am still managing to read MORE than three books a week!

I can’t believe it myself tbh. 📚📚📚

My first pick of my reads for March is Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown. I will be going deeper in my own work: the role of awe in productivity. Overall, this is a book to come to for inspiration and information on the role of emotions in our actions and reactions.

I have also read this month, Why has Nobody Told Me This Before by Julie Snith. This book covers motivation, self-esteem, down days, and more. Lots of nuggets of wisdom found, and dog-ears in my own copy as a reminder to re-visit.

Finally, for pure escapism I can only recommend all of the fiction written by Matt Haig. This month I fell in love with the two more books of his: How to Stop Time and the Midnight Library. (Big thanks to my niece Ciara Johnson for introducing me to him).



And here are my picks of the thought leadership I have been putting out there this month:

  • Writing for HBR with colleagues on ‘How to make your organization’s language more inclusive’ | Read here

  • Interview for BBC on ‘Why people blank on faces at work’ | Read here

  • My latest podcast interview is: ‘Has COVID killed the office?’ | Listen here


That’s it for March. I am one year older, and hopefully a little wiser. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@profgracelordan) if you want something in between newsletters. I have also been known to do a giveaway or two. 😉

As always, I hope I have earned the privilege of your reading time!

Wishing you the happiest of days,



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