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January Newsletter

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my inaugural newsletter, which coincides with the fresh start that comes with the first month of 2022. I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and safe. I also hope to earn the privilege of your time with this newsletter, so please send feedback on content you would like to see more of, and also the things that you find too dull.


my BIG new year's resolution

I am committed to reading more. Three books a week in fact! And I will be mentioning the best books here for you to consider. This resolution is important to me because this year my dedication to reading fell off a cliff. It is also a habit that serves me well in terms of expanding my mind and reducing my stress.

So, what have I read and loved in January so far?

First up, is Matt Haig’s The Comfort Book.

This book is perfect for a January that is plagued with ongoing pandemic uncertainty, and if you live in my corner of the world shorter days. Yes, January is filled with doom and gloom, but this book is so positive it provides an offset.

Second book pick for January is Breath by James Nestor. Linked to another resolution of mine for 2022: to make time to Breath. I have become fascinated with the performance gains from ensuring enough oxygen goes to the brain, and I do not think there is anything more beneficial to our wellbeing than prioritising deep breathing throughout the day. This book is filled with science if you need more convincing to pause and breath more this January.

And last but not least, I am half-way through is Four Thousand Work Weeks. The title alone is enough to make salient how short life is, with time being our most precious resource. It has put me in the right frame of mind to set a third resolution around better time management in 2022 (more on that in February).

So, in 2022 I will be reading, breathing and improving my time management. I would love to get to know you and hear your resolutions! If you have a moment, please write me on my website.


Listen and Chill

Recently, I have collaborated with a variety of external collaborators to create podcasts, videos and events that you may find interesting.

To Watch

I sat down with epic YouTuber and thought leader Ali Abdaal to discuss goal setting. So far it has been viewed 30K+ times. Click the image below to watch now!

To Listen

I met ultimate pro, Melanie Green to discuss my vision of the future of work. This is an awesome podcast and the perfect length for a short commute. On the same theme, I spoke to DW News on how the pandemic changed work forever. It’s out just one week and almost 130K people have listened!


Closer to home, I joined an LSE public event to celebrate one year of The Inclusion Initiative, a research center at the LSE which I founded. This event tackled the topic of Inclusion in Global Markets and revealed the reasons why Inclusion is good for business. If you are interested in joining my next LSE public event, save the date 15th Feb at 1 pm GMT. Registration is free, and even though registration is not yet open, I can secure for you early registration if you contact me through my website. I would love to have you with me on the day


Looking for some thought leadership reads?

I love thought leadership, and I have a renewed commitment to publishing thought-leadership pieces that distil the lessons that I have learned via a long road, into short snappy reads for awesome people like you. For this newsletter I have chosen three of my favourite pieces from the end of 2021. Here goes:

Want a pay increase? Check out my Financial Times column on this topic.

Struggling with setting new year’s resolutions for 2022? Why not apply my six behavioural science life lessons that will make you SMILE?

Or pick one or two of my recommended resolutions to help make the uncertainty of the pandemic a little more palatable?


New with me!

I am currently working very hard creating a virtual inclusive leadership course for the LSE, working on my second book proposal, and finalising some academic papers. Watch this space!!

I also continue to talk regularly about my 1st book Think Big, and it will soon be released in Korea (January) and Japan (April). We have also sold rights for a translation to serve the entire Gulf region so I am thrilled. Thank you for supporting Think Big!

That’s it for January, I hope I have earned the privilege of your reading time! As a founding reader of this newsletter, do get in touch with questions and comments via my website. I am particularly interested in hearing questions on careers or life in general, where I may be able to help by digging out the best behavioural science insights for you to utilise. Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy January



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